Established in 2019, Bryanic aims to bring the most premium wines from the most artisanal vintners across Spain to the growing number of connoisseurs in the region.

Bryanic Wines is an importer and wholesaler, currently focuses on the distribution of Spanish wines in South East Asia. Most of our wines are produced by family-owned business, where grapes are hand picked for harvesting. A passion for the land and its ancient heritage coupled with the richness of the vineyards brings balance and equilibrium to the wine that is produced in this regions.

The wines we source range from highly approachable to elegant garage wines, non organic to an organic wines, non vegan to vegan wines, all with a focus on value and delivering high quality to the consumer. We keep our wines in bonded warehouses with temperature controlled at 12 degrees.

Why Spain?

Bryanic wines cover most of the regions in Spain where each wine region has its own distinct microclimate.  The cooler areas are the coastal ones, such as the regions along the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. The closer areas  gets to the center of the country, the hotter it becomes.

The Atlantic Ocean borders Galicia to the north and west, and vineyards in regions closest to the coast sometimes overlook cliffs that fall to the waves below. The landscape is green and lush, the vegetation is fed by ocean moisture, and small rivers and estuaries called cut through soft, rolling hills.

Some of our wines offer an essence of the Mediterranean climate concentrated in each grain of grape which produce our Sun-kissed Wines.

Vines were introduced in Spain by the Romans. Spain have been growing wine grapes since  the 2nd Century BC and have a solid culture of winemaking from local grape varieties to the international grape varieties, the focus still remains on their indigenous grapes. Spain regularly produces some of the highest grape yields in Europe.