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White Wine


Albariño is the most important white grape variety in Galicia, particularly in the key region of Rías Baixas. While it can vary in style, classic notes for Albariño are light-to-medium in body, high in acidity, and very fragrant, with notes of peach, Meyer lemon, and apple blossom. On the palate, Albariño tends to be mineral-driven and even salty, with more of a tart, lemon-lime flavour.


Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used in the production of white wine. The variety originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France, but it is now grown wherever wine is produced, from England to New Zealand.


Godello is grown in northwestern Spain, in particular in Galicia. The Gouveio found in northern Portugal is thought to be the same grape variety. Godello has recently become more popular for producing medium-to-full-bodied white wines with a mineral signature. At their best, Godello wines can be as complex as white Burgundy.


Loureira is native to Portugal, and is a typical light –skinned grape variety. In Galicia, across the border of Spain towards the north, this grape variety is grown in a small amount. Typically used as a blending grape, Loureiro adds rich, exotic scents like orange oil and fruit blossom to wines. It is high in acidity and low in alcohol, making it a good counterpart for Treixadura.


Same as Viura.


Moscatel or Moscato is the Muscat family, it is highly populous, with more than 200 distinct members. Among  these many different grapes only a handful of Muscat varieties are widely used in wine production.

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These green-skinned grapes can grow in a range of climates to produce food-friendly wines. Sauvignon can be crisp and grassy or juicy and tropical, yet always expresses trademark acidity.


Treixadura is white Portuguese wine grape variety grown primarily in the Vinho Verde wine region of northeast Portugal and the Galician wine regions of Ribeiro and Rías Baixas in Spain where the variety is known as Treixadura. The grape is primarily a blending variety that adds body and light lemony aromatics to wines. It is most commonly blended with Loureiro and Alvarinho in Rías Baixas while in Ribeiro it is often blended with Torrontés and Lado. When used in blends, Treixadura tends to add body and alcohol, structural components sometimes needed in a region that tends to produce high-acid whites.


Verdejo is the grape that put the little region of Rueda on the world wine map. It is an uncommon, light-bodied white wine that grows almost exclusively in Spain. The wine is an outstanding alternative to wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, with surprising changes in flavours coming with age.


Viura or Macabeo is a white variety of wine grape. It is a mildly acidic, mildly alcoholic variety, with flavours of grapefruits and citrus being its main components.

Red Wine


Bobal is a dark-skinned wine grape variety native to Utiel-Requena in southeast Spain. High levels of acidity in the grape make Bobal a versatile variety. It is used to make deeply colored rosé wines and has even been used to produce sparkling wine.


Forcallat tinta is a red Spanish wine grape variety that is native to the Castile-La Mancha region of central Spain, as well as in Alicante and Valencia provinces in the Valencian Community. It tends to produce pale-colored wines.

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Garnacha Tintorera is a cross of the Petit Bouschet grape and Grenache. It is a varietal included in the family of teinturier grapes of Vitis vinifera species, meaning its skin is red (almost black) and the flesh is also red.


Mencia is a medium-bodied red wine grape that produces high quality wines with floral and red fruit flavours. The wine has a rich, deep red color and a bit of violet hues.


Mourvedre or  Monastrell is a full-bodied and rustic wine that originated in Spain and it is actually used quite often as a blending grape.


Syrah or also known as Shiraz  is a black grape variety that most commonly makes medium to full-bodied dry red wine. Not only is Syrah flavour-packed, but it’s also one of the darkest colored inky wines you can find. Deep purple in hue with not much translucency, Syrah’s violet and velvety elegance is backed by big fruit and crunchy spice.


Tempranillo is a black grape variety widely grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain. Dominant flavours include cherry, dried fig, cedar, tobacco, and dill. Age impacts the flavours of Tempranillo significantly, with Roble and Crianza examples imparting juicy fruit flavours and heat.