Our wines comes from the vineyards of Santiago Roma, the pioneer of producing wine in a Spanish granite barrel.

Santiago Roma patented the first granite barrel in the world. This was an alliance between Santiago Roma and his vintner Cayetano Otero. The stone barrel developed by Epetrum led to the production of Pedranai wine from Santiago Roma, the first Albariño wine aged in these granite barrels.

Pedranai Wine is made of 100 per cent Albarino grapes and has a limited production of around 600 bottles a year.

The geometry of these barrels is configured as optimal for aging on lees, in addition to the design of the Galician granite, allowing for an ideal micro-oxidation and offers a constant temperature. This results in increased minerality, not only due to grapes from old vineyards, but also the granite.

Grapes selected from 100 per cent Albariño varieties, are de-stemmed and fermented between 17-18º C and aged for seven months in the granite barrel. The removal of fine lees occurs naturally due to the oval shape of the granite barrel with a 450 litres capacity, contributing to the peculiar and differentiating nuances of this wine.

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