Varieties : Tempranillo
Vintage : 2015
Alcohol : 14.5 %
Color : Intense Cherry Red
Origin : Bilbao, Spain
Aroma : Deep bouquet, fruity, wild berry, cassis, cloves and cumin
Tasting Note : Very rounded wine, with perfectly smooth tannins and a pleasant bitter finish. Retronasal notes of pastry: baked apple pie, raspberry, vanilla and cocoa.
Aged for 6 months in French oak Barrel and 15 months of underwater treasuring. Limited Edition 3.486 units.

Crusoe Treasure Winery is the first underwater winery and artificial reef in the world with over 10 years research in underwater wines. Our team of master winemakers, led by enologist Dr. Antonio Palacios seek out and blend unique terroirs based on years of experience. We then ‘treasure’ these wines in the sea to bring out their full potential. The results are limited-edition underwater wines of extraordinary quality. Located in the picturesque Plentzia Bay on the Basque Coast of Spain, Crusoe Treasure Winery has taken the art of wine making to new depths by perfecting the science of underwater aging.

Each bottle comes with a specially designed case and tasting note. A Japanese artist has represented the marine species of the underwater cellar through watercolor paintings.