Varieties : Moscatel
Vintage : 2019
Alcohol : 13 %
Color : Amber due to the polyphenol oxidation.
Origin : Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Aroma : Intense and complex, with strong floral notes (orange blossom and rose) and candied fruit.
Tasting Note : A surprising unctuous attack with an astringent finish. Mineral with saline hints.

Moscatel is very widespread variety in wine-growing regions, and is known as Muscatel Romano, from Alexandria, or Grano Gordo. Because it is very demanding of water, it does well in the “chabocos”, holes made in the lava layer, or at the edges of the lava layer. They are found in both places at El Grifo. We have some plants dating back to the XIX century.

The 2019 harvest was used to make a natural, dry wine with Muscat grapes from our ancient chaboco holes. This type of fermentation, similar to the process carried out 8,000 years ago in the Caucasus, consists of fermenting the grapes with their skins and keeping them in the wine during three months before separating the two. The process is extremely natural because we do not add sulphites (the polyphenols in the skins made this unnecessary) or filter and stabilise the wine, so sediment may appear at the bottom of the bottle. Polyphenol oxidation creates the orange and ochre hues behind the wine’s name, and only 2,500 bottles have been produced, numbered from 1 to 2,500.

Since it is a natural wine-purely fermented grape juice , nothing is added or removed from the wine. It is not refined and still contains all anti oxidants and healthy bacteria that keep the wine stable and fresh in natural way. It is very possible that natural wines has sediments appear in the bottle.