Varieties : Listan Negro
Vintage : 2018
Alcohol : 13.8 %
Color : Rich elegant red of middle intensity
Origin : Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Aroma : A unique wine, complex due to the coupage of both varieties and its oak-barrel aging. Red fruits such as black currant or raspberry, hints of toasted toffee and caramel. Penetrating and with Atlantic character due to its freshness.
Tasting Note : Appetising entry, fresh and balanced, with ripe tannins which lengthen its journey.

Listán Negro is exclusive variety to the Canaries (not to be confused with Listán Prieto, which does exist in other wine-growing areas.). The Listán Negro has its origin in a gene mutation, or activation of an allele in the genome of the Listán Blanco variety, which gives it colour. In Tenerife, throughout the XIX century, it became the most abundant variety in detriment to the white varieties, which had been more abundant before that.

We produce our red and rosé wines with this variety, as well as our sweet wine George Glas.

The Listán Negro contributes the Atlantic character, fresh and alive, while the Syrah, cultivated right at the “El Grifo” bodega contributes the necessary structure for barrel aging. Each variety has a different vintage, and thus, they are fermented separately. During the month of September we carry out the Coupage of both wines and it is put into 500 ltr French oak barrels. There, the malolactic fermentation and vintage begin (between 3 and 6 months depending on the needs of each vintage year). We aim to provide it with a greater complexity and balance between the fruit and wood. Production finishes with a vintage period in the bottle, making it a rounded and creamy wine.