Varieties : 100 % Pinot Noir
Vintage : 2021
Alcohol : 12 %
Color : Beautiful pale pink, salmon-tinged colour.
Origin : Catalonia, D.O Costers del Segre
Aroma :  Smooth and elegant entry, slightly acidic with a creamy mousse. Full of character, covering the entire palate and with a long-lasting aftertaste.
Tasting Note : Clean and persistent. Hints of peach, nectarine and apricot jam with notes of pear and smooth toasty finish.

Its delicate character makes it ideal with appetisers (hors d’oeuvres, oysters, ham, cheese, nuts) and its sweet taste of red berries combines perfectly with desserts. Thanks to a long aging process, it can be served with meat dishes, smoked meats, fish, cold meats.