Varieties : Moscatel
Vintage : 1980
Alcohol : 15 %
Color : Dark iodine with amber hues.
Origin : DOP Valencia, Spain
Aroma : Coffee, raisins, figs, caramel and black liquorice, over a spicy, mentholated background.
Tasting Note : Warm and unctuous, with a harmonious balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Elegant and persistent.

CUVA VELLA was born from what we call an “oenological oblivion”.

Working on the winery’s traceability, we traced it back to a Moscatel from vintage 1980, which wasn’t sold and remained in a chestnut barrel in our old cellar in Valencia.

An oxidation process started (which still goes on nowadays), so that the wine was no longer fit for its traditional use. It stayed in the barrel, where wine from successive years was being added until it was completely filled in. The wine continued its development, and some years ago, when we were shutting down the cellar in Valencia, this oenological “jewel” was discovered.

After the first bottling, the tank was completed with a similar volume of fresh moscatel from that year. For the second bottling, and in order to maintain the identity of the first one, “we refreshed” the amount that was being bottled with fresh wine from that year (about 10%), thus leaving the “solera” as it was.

The 500 ml bottle packed in the individual packaging.


95 points Guía Peñín 2020
93 points Parker
Gold Medal Muscat du Monde