It is sourced from 75 year-old-vineyards on average. The vines are cordon-trained, planted on south, south-east facing slopes at an altitude of 840m. Exclusive production of 5,000 bottles, made only in exceptional years. The Soil type are silty and sandy, with a limestone bedrock and some pebbles and the Climate is extreme continental. A great difference in temperature between winter and summer, and between daytime and night-time temperatures.

Varieties : Tempraniillo
Vintage : 2018
Alcohol : 14.5 %
Color : Deep red picota cherry colour
Aroma : Intense complex nose, with ripe red and black fruit, spice notes and chocolate as its main aromas.
Tasting Note : On the palate, it is very silky and mouth-filling, with sweet tannins that give structure to the wine. Bitterness and acidity are well balanced. A long lingering wine, which should be left developing in the glass before drinking. Ideal for after-meal conversations and to be enjoyed in good company.
Food Pairing : A perfect match with all kinds of red meat, game, haute cuisine, desserts.
Recommended serving temperature: 17ºC.
Ageing : 16 months in 225 litres new barrels (75% French oak, 25% American oak). Once bottled, the wine is aged in bottle for at least 12 months at a controlled temperature.

Potential for ageing: 8 to 10 years.

Signature wine, which is born with the addition of the third generation of the family to the winery. New technologies in oenology and viticulture are applied to tradition by Héctor Casado, allowing to produce a unique wine.

The harvest is done manually at the optimal ripening time, in small boxes of 15 kg. Grapes are selected both in the vineyard (hand harvesting) and in the winery (sorting table).  Cold pre-fermentation maceration for seven days at 10ºC in a 5,000 kg small vat and subsequent fermentation at controlled temperatures during the whole process. Malolactic fermentation in 225 litter new barrels.


  • 96 points Decanter WWA