Varieties : Volcánic Malvasía
Vintage : 2020
Alcohol : 13 %
Color : Pale yellow when young, with greenish iridescence, very clear and bright.
Origin : Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Aroma :  The varietal character of the Malvasía Volcánica dominates with floral aromas such as citrus blossom or Jasmine, which in time evolve towards pit-fruits such as apricot or peach.
Tasting Note : It shows up as fresh, alive but at the same time harmonious, with a wide final taste.

Volcánica Malvasía is the most important and abundant variety in Lanzarote. On other islands of the archipelago, from where it had disappeared, it has been undergoing a reintroduction since the end of the XX century. This variety is not found outside the Canary Islands, not even symbollically.

According to our studies (Report La Malvasía Atlántica in NUESTRA INVESTIGACIÓN, in the directory LA BODEGA ), it is the variety with which the ancient wines were made, the Canari Wine, which reigned in Europe from the mid-XVI and all of the XVII centuries, disappearing during the XVIII century substituted by more productive white varieties such as the Listán Blanco.

Dry white wine made with Malvasía Volcánica. This wine highlights and boosts the proper characteristics of this variety and its unique cultivation method, land covered by volcanic ash forming the landscape of the “La Geria” region. Over 300 vine growers participate, with over 600 privately owned small vineyards spread over all the growing areas of Lanzarote, which bring complexity to and widen the varietal character of our Malvasía Volcánica. Hand-picked at the end of July, only the best bunches of grapes are selected for its production. After a cold decantation, the fermentation begins at 16ºC, highlighting the floral character of this variety.


  • 2020 GOLD – Mondial Des Vins Extremes-CERVIM
  • 2020 GOLD – Berliner Wein Trophy