Varieties : Volcánic Malvasía
Vintage : 2019
Alcohol : 13 %
Color : Straw yellow due to its ageing, clear and brilliant. Over time, it will take on a golden hue.
Origin : Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Aroma :Deep, mature, balsamic and lightly toasted, with a hint of rose, orange blossom and eucalyptus. A complex and elegant wine to be discovered.
Tasting Note : Good balance, unctuous and full bodied to highlight its persistence, with a fresh citrus finish.

Volcánica Malvasía is the most important and abundant variety in Lanzarote. On other islands of the archipelago, from where it had disappeared, it has been undergoing a reintroduction since the end of the XX century. This variety is not found outside the Canary Islands, not even symbollically.

According to our studies (Report La Malvasía Atlántica in NUESTRA INVESTIGACIÓN, in the directory LA BODEGA ), it is the variety with which the ancient wines were made, the Canari Wine, which reigned in Europe from the mid-XVI and all of the XVII centuries, disappearing during the XVIII century substituted by more productive white varieties such as the Listán Blanco.

Since 2010, we have been making white wines (initially called Ariana Blanco and Fermentado en Barrica, but now Lías) for long-term storage (at least 5-6 years), and Volcanic Malvasia is particularly suitable due to its high alcohol content and natural acidity. This is one of our most acclaimed wines.

After cooling the bunches, the grapes are lightly squeezed and de-stemmed prior to undergoing a peculiar six-hour maceration and then being pressed. Next, the grape juice is decanted during 12-18 hours and the fermentation process begins in a steel tank. At the end of this stage, the wine is transferred to new 500-litre French oak barrels to finish fermenting, and it is stored on lees for at least three months as it undergoes baton-age (stirring the wine daily so the dead yeast cells remain in suspension). To prevent excessive maderisation, the wine is transferred to a tank along with its lees and is automatically stirred several times a day and continuously keep this process for at least 12 months. Following a light clarification and filtering process, the wine is bottled and will be ready for sale after six months.

However the ageing process takes 3 months in the French Oak barrel and a total of 15 months on lees  and additional 3 months in the bottle.


  • 2019 GOLD – Mondial des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM (Italy)
  • 2019 GOLD – Berliner Wein Trophy (Berlin)