Varieties : Moscatel
Vintage : NA
Alcohol : 15 %
Color : Dark Brown caramel cooler
Origin : DOP Valencia, Spain
Aroma : Displays floral and balsamic aromas, fruity, softened by notes of vanilla from the oak ageing.
Tasting Note : on the palate, it’s very intense, with light bitter notes. A very exquisite aperitif.

WINE MAKING PROCESS: Vermouth Reserva is made of 24 botanicals from both Mediterranean and Alpine origin, such as gentian, wormwood, coriander, savoury, sage, marjoram, chamomile, elder, orange-tree bark. Aged for 5 years in American oak casks, and its limited Production.

At the Cherubino Valsangiacomo winery we have been making this digestive since 1904, following the traditional formula of Benedetto Valsangiacomo, under the brand name “Vermouth Vittore”, in homage to the name of the founder of the winery in Switzerland.

9 years ago we decided to age the vermouth in American oak barrels, taking advantage of our knowledge as winemakers since the 19th century.

The fifth generation of the family, in homage to our 185 years of history as producers, we have decided to call it with our own surname “VERMUT VALSANGIACOMO RESERVA”.

The front label recovers a unique design and typeface from the beginning of the last century. On the back label we have captured something of our history with a photo of Benedetto Valsangiacomo together with the winery workers, a photograph that was taken around 1930 when they made vermouth in the old winery facilities in Grao de Valencia.