Vintage: 2012
: Syrah, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo.
Vintage : 2012
Alcohol : 14.5 %
Color : A very lively wine, covered with garnet notes
Origin : Jumilla, Spain
Ageing : 16 Months in new French Oak Barrels, 12 months ageing in bottle and 12 months on the seabed at 40 meters depth.
Aroma : Ripe fruit and floral notes blend.
Tasting Note : Underwater ageing has concentrated its elegance, with polished tannin of ripe fruit and at the same time has kept its refreshing notes, increasing a delicate complexity of fruity notes. Great combination with red meat, duck, grilled seafood, Spicy dishes.

The latest project of Carchelo Winery comes to light. A wine matured under the sea on the Mediterranean coast.

We have gone one step further in the production of wines with a different personality, presenting in a special edition of 1,553 bottles, our first wine with underwater ageing. We join the small number of national and international wineries that have dared to age their wines in the depths of the sea.

“The initiative arose after learning that the bottles found in the holds of ships sunk in the sea had a surprising evolution, even many years after their shipwreck. That made us think that the sea is a perfect place to experience the ageing and preservation of wine. There are four factors that are determining for the wine in its underwater ageing: higher pressure, constant temperature of 14º, the absence of light, the smooth and rhythmic movement of sea currents.

We submerged 1,600 sealed bottles of our 2012 Carchelo Selecto wine in two steel cages, awarded 93 points and the status of “Highly Recommended” by the prestigious international magazine Wine Spectator, 40 meters deep in the Mediterranean Sea with authorisation for underwater breeding. After a year periodically supervising the evolution of the milestones, which also became artificial reefs for the local marine flora and fauna, we learned that the wine was ready to emerge from the sea. It is reborn as Vinamaris Selected 2012. It is presented with an opener and a pourer in a customised case, developed by Flexomed Packaging Revolution and winner of a national Liderpack 2019 award for the best packaging for wines. The box represents a wooden box rescued from the warehouse of a wrecked merchant shipwreck.



  • CIVAS 2017 – 94 PTS
  • Highly Recommended WINE SPECTATOR ADVANCE
  • 2017 / 90 points and 5 stars quality/price Guía Peñín
  • 2017 / 92 points Guía Proensa